The ethiopians - love bug / sounds of forefathers

Like many of his peers, Dillon moved to Kingston towards the end of his teen years in search of work, staying first in a tiny shack in the west Kingston slum of Back-O-Wall . He travelled to Fellsmere, Florida in 1963 on a seasonal farm work contract, and after returning to Kingston in 1964, he settled in Trench Town , lodging at the home of the aunt of popular sound system deejay King Sporty , who he knew from his days in Port Antonio. In Trench Town, Dillon met Peter Tosh , [3] who introduced him to Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston , his fellow vocalists in the Wailers. An audition was swiftly arranged at Studio One , where the Wailers were recording some of the biggest hits of the day, which led to Dillon voicing his first material. Three songs were backed by the Wailers, including a sound system favourite called "Ice Water", based on lyrics of double entendre , while "Suffering On The Land" and "Beggars Have No Choice" were more concerned with the harshness of life in the ghetto; a fourth song, "Woman, Wine And Money", featured Delroy Wilson on harmony. All of the songs were issued on 7 in (180 mm) 45 RPM singles , credited to Jack Sparrow. Shortly after the release of these singles, through the efforts of the Ethiopian Reorganization Centre in Waterhouse (established by elders Nasser King and Daddy King), Dillon entered the Rastafari faith, which he remained committed to thereafter. [1]

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – At Kinfe Abera’s garage in Addis Ababa, cranky, 50-year-old Volkswagen Beetles enjoy a kind of life after death; their parts are never discarded but re-used to keep the city’s remaining Beetles on the road.

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The Ethiopians - Love Bug / Sounds Of ForefathersThe Ethiopians - Love Bug / Sounds Of ForefathersThe Ethiopians - Love Bug / Sounds Of ForefathersThe Ethiopians - Love Bug / Sounds Of Forefathers